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torrid_inc's Journal

1 April
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Torrid is one of the fastest-growing, mall-based specialty retailers offering exciting, trend-focused apparel and accessories for young women sizes 12+.

After an intensive research and development process, and an overwhelming number of requests from young female shoppers, Torrid opened its doors and launched its Web site in April, 2001. Torrid now operates 150+ stores across the country and plans to continue its expansion.

For its product mix and brand focus, Torrid looks to fashion icons, runway trends, music influences and pop culture. The assortment is 50% private label and 50% well-known fashion brands like Ed Hardy, Dickies, Loungefly, Z. Cavaricci, l.e.i., Tripp and more.

Find further information on Torrid in our Press section, or find a store near you to see our "passion for fashion" in action.